Memorabilia Catalogs and Collections

Lots of folks have a few treasures tucked away from our days working with or for Cray. This is the place where such pictures will be posted ūüôā

Send us your photos to be posted here. See the catalogs at the end of the post.

Some mousemats ( remember those ? )

Jon Beets in Aus shared this picture of his memorabilia.

Collection of Cray memorabilia

Clive’s Favourites a Tee shirt and DVD¬†( available from Cfmit ) and employee gift clock that in some versions has Icelands capital city “Reykjavik”spelt incorrectly.

Ducky Day Merch and other related items

The 1 flop version of the C90 ..

This Pewter Keyring popped up on the FB group and validated as authentic by other posters.

System card collection From Barb Jorgensen Smith

Forgot I had these trading cards! They go from Cray-1 to Shasta.

System Card collection

Some mugs shots from Arturo Castaneda  and others

Also a couple of clocks and other merchandise.



Catalogs of Merchandise.

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