About the Computer Museum of America CMoA

A .pdf about the Computer museum of America in Roswell, North of Atlanta GA. Hosts a substantial collection of Cray and other systems. This is a great place to see a range of different computers that Cray Research delivered to customers. Also houses a range of computer artefacts and interpretation displays. Bring the kids, bring the geeks, this great museum will have them all enthralled.

Have a look at the Cray Exhibits with these two minute tour videos.


CMOA Website here

The Cray Systems collection at CMOA – Roswell, Just north of Atlanta GA. USA along with Timeline of Tech history.

The museums Timeline of Tech history has won an infographics Indigo design award as noted here.


Some pictures taken March 2023 at CMoA.


Nancy on the left was on the team that built the boards, Sonja on the right made the wiring connections on this Cray-2 and other Supercomputers. They travelled from Chippwa Falls to The Computer Museum of America in Roswell North of Atlanta for the recent fundraising BYTE night. We also had a chat by the T932 located nearby.
Clive at the CMoA


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