This page will have details of the high performance machines that bore the Cray Name after the year 2000.

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FSC = First Customer Ship date

Cray Origin 2000

    Cray_Origin_2000 Sales The Cray Origin 2000 range was a product of Silicon Graphics.

Cray SX5/6   Cray_SX5 Sales  The Cray SX5 and SX6 were a product of NEC corporation that was resold by Cray.
NEC and Cray_Press Release 2001:2:28-01
Cray XD1

Cray_xd1ds Sales  

Cray X1D application Poland – Chaos reigns even in simple electronics Science Article

 The Cray XD1 was a product created as a result of the acquisition of OctigaBay company.

Terra MTA    The Tera MTA-1 and MTA-2 were projects designed and created by Tera computers. When the Cray division of SGI was bought by Tera and renamed Cray Corporation. The Cray-XMT was developed from the Terra MTA series. 
Cray X1/X1E

Cray_x1  Sales

Cray_x1 Site Planning  Notes by Tennessen


Cray_X1 Understanding_Programming


FCS: DOD 2002

Cray XT

  cray_xt3ds Sales


FCS: SNL 2004

Cray XMT

FCS: Pacific Northwest National Lab 2006
 These systems were a development of the Multitreaded processor architecture started with the MTA-1 and MTA-2.

Cray CX1  and CX1000

 HPC desk side platform



CrayCX1000CX1000-CCX1000-G CX1000-HN , CX1000-SC , CX1000-SMCX1000
Article : Cray_cx1wallstreet     Cray CX1 Case StudyDecreaseingAirPollution

Cray XK6 and Cray XE6 FCS: Swiss National Lab 2011  
Cray XC

FCS: High performance computing centre Stugartt 2010

Detailed description of migration from Hector XE6 to Archer XC30 for UK academic service  xe6-xc30-overview

Cray Urika

This product was a development of the Cray-MTA range that specialised in graph processing.
Customers include : Institute of systems biology, Mayo Clinic, Swiss National supercomputing centre.

Cray CS

AC and LC versions of the Cray Supercluster 
FCS: Railway technical institute 


Cray CS-Storm Article : Cray CS Storm HLRS High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart – Cray CS-Storm 
Cray Shasta 

FCS: Argonne National Lab 2018

Post year 2000 swimlanes grid
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