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We would be very grateful If you have missing information or contributions / suggestions / stories or pictures for the site.

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Please Post an update on this page or email to – Add XMP to Email subject line to avoid the spam traps.


This site contains the work and effort compiled from many sites and folks on the net for which we are very grateful.  Please Contact us if you would like acknowledgement here.
Thank you to Jean and John for compiling the Cray-1 and Cray-2 locations data for this table.
Thank you to CMOA and Reinhard for contributing many of the graphics used through the site and for hosting an excellent Cray machine collection.
Cray-3 Images Copyright Stephen O. Gombosi. All rights reserved, used with permission.
Thanks to Gene and Jimbo for the initial Cray Channels content data and scans.
Thanks to Jean for the excellent logo and other graphics on the site.

Thanks to for some digital assets.

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