NCAR / UCAR a research site with a long association with Cray supercomputers.

The National Centre for Atmospheric Research NCAR/UCAR in Colorado has a long association with Cray supercomputers. Starting in 1977 with the Cray-1 SN3 the site invested in some the best supercomputers available.  More recently a Cray Petaflop class machines will be used to explore climate research.

In 2021 the site awaits the delivery of Derecho a 19 Peta Flop Cray system from HPC.  This system will replace Cheyenne a 5.5 Peta Flop system with 313 Tbyte of working memory.

After announcing the move of the venerable Cray-1 SN3 system from Mesa lab to the Wyoming supercomputer centre, on 7th January 2021 the site hosted a virtual tour with some of the folks involved in the long history of using and caring for the Cray systems at the site. <<Link to call recording when available.>>. SN3 will be sitting along side Derecho and visible from the visitor centre when it reopens.

Here are some further links related to NCAR/UCAR. The centre has excellent web and visitor information well worth a visit.

NCAR also hosted the single delivered Cray-3 system.

A few photos of systems at NCAR – Pictures and text from NCAR and other sources.


Table of Cray system specifications
NCAR systems table ( the good bits ) : from  HPC at NCAR Past Present and Future



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