Cray System Installation photos

Getting a new machine is always an exciting moment for customers and the installation engineer’s who often spend many hours testing and configuring the systems ready for acceptance.

Your install picture are solicited for this entry. Email over to the contact address.

Jim Reports : Here is a picture of me installing the J90 at the University of Tasmania sometime in 1995. The system has long ago been scrapped.

Installing the J90 at University of Tasmania in ’96 “Hardware Engineer James Masocco (Cray Research) connects, configures and performs hardware diagnostics to ensure the system shipped without damage.”

This photo from a Cray-1 install at USC as printed in Channels

These photos from the final preparation of YMP SN1040 at Chippewa Falls in ’96 ( after it was converted to a model E IOS ) but before it was shipped to Moscow for use in wether forecasting.

Photo submitted by the yours truly the software analyst in the last frame.


Vic Kindly submitted these photos of the Cray XMP-EA being installed at ADNOC.  Do you recognise the faces ?

Tony forwarded these photos of Colin Broomham and Charlie from an XMP install at ADNOC in 1986

Install at Adnoc 1986

Peter G. recalls that at that install Charlie did not want to pay overtime so we only worked 8 hour shifts. But it meant that he had to send more engineers over for the install.

Tony h. adds: The thing I remember from it was after we bolted the IOP power supplies on we found that it had moved a bit and the floor holes would’t line up for the fridge hoses. We all gave it a good shove, I was surprised how easily it moved.

From Cray Channels V07_N2

Cray announces international orders In March, Cray announced that the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) ordered a CRAY X-MP/14 computer system. The system, which will be purchased, is to be installed in the fourth quarter of 1985 at ADNOC’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi, subject to U.S. export license approval. The system will be used for oil reservoir engineering. ADNOC and its subsidiary  companies operate large oil fields that require  advanced management techniques supported by the Cray supercomputer.

XMP install at NASA Glenn Research

Cray-2 SN2008 being serviced at Harwell lab UK. This system featured in this magazine article Cray-2-sn2008 and these prime number finding articles SN2008_prime

EPCC Are happy to welcome a Cray Shasta Mountain system “Archer2” 2020/21


Unboxing a supercomputer – “Magnus” XC30 at Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in Australia.

Write up here “unbox a supercomputer.pdf”

YMP cab being installed next to a Red XMP – Site and personal detail lost – Let me know if you know where this is being installed.

Cray-1 SN3  and XMP going in at NCAR. Note that SN3 has now (2022) moved from it’s original delivery location at the Mesa lab over to NCAR new data centre in Wyoming.


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