“Cray at Chippewa Falls” Photo Book by Lee Friedlander


Working on a Cray-1
River scene


References to the the book in Cray internal literature.

Searching in the archives found these mentions
The employee gift given in January of 1987 anticipated Cray Research’s 15th anniversary
and was a sample of the Lee Friedlander book Cray at Chippewa Falls
from NEWSLETTER-Gigaflop_Gazette-Volume_6_Number_13-December_27_1991
The company’s fifteenth anniversary was noted by a gift to employees of a beautifully bound photographic
book of Cray at Chippewa Falls by the noted photographer Lee Friedlander. Some employees
in Chippewa Falls did not feel the photos flattered the company and the community and gave them away
or sold them. Time has proven their worth and today they are considered collectors items.
Begin forwarded message:
From: James
Subject: Re: CMoA Tour Guide
Date: 7 October 2021 at 14:49:50 BST
To: Clive 


Hey Clive,
Brilliant tour. Thanks for organising it.
God I nearly choked when I saw the XD-1 … I spent way too much time installing those in India!
Something that I remembered, but the conversation moved on before I could speak. The reason
Lee Friedlander came to Chippewa and photographed the place was because he was a friend of
John Rollwagen’s wife and she asked him to come to Chippewa and photograph the place with the
intention of putting the pictures in a book to give to the employees as a gift to commemorate Cray’s
15th anniversary. Lee Friedlander was a quite well known and highly regarded photographer in
those days and they thought the book would be something special. Unfortunately, as Sonja pointed
out, his art was not that well appreciated by the locals!
Please pass this on to the museum and in the meantime I will continue the search for more lost
Cray memorabilia. I’m certain I have one of those small X-MP models somewhere!!!!
Thanks again.

Typically these books sell for between $300 to $450 on Ebay.

Also this from “Cray Chips” CRAY_CHIPS-1987-11-12  which is a republished snip from Computer User Magazine along side and cartoon from New Yorker that speaks about the book


This article from “Modern Photography” Magazine


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