ORNL Run Frontier at an Exascale with 52 GFlops a watt.


From The Register article

…. Frontier marks the first publicly benchmarked exascale computer by quite a margin. The ORNL system is well ahead of Fugaku’s 442 petaflops of performance, which was a strong enough showing to keep Fugaku in the top spot for two years.

Reaching exascale status is one thing, but many expected the efficiency-geared Fugaku system to hang onto its green rankings, even if it slipped on the performance front. But Frontier isn’t just the most powerful known supercomputer, it’s now also the most efficient. At 52.23 gigaflops per watt, the system also outperformed Japan’s Preferred Networks MN-3 system to take the lead spot on the Green500.

“The fact that the world’s fastest machine is also the most energy efficient is just simply amazing,” Thomas Zacharia, lab director at ORNL, said during a press conference Sunday.

From ORNL Website

Frontier, an HPE Cray EX supercomputer capable of 1018 calculations per second — or 10 with 18 zeroes — was installed in late 2021 and is undergoing integration and testing. Frontier is on track to be the nation’s first exascale supercomputer this year. Early science users are accessing Frontier through Crusher, and the Frontier system will enter full user operations on January 1, 2023, with the INCITE program users. Crusher is a 1.5-cabinet iteration of the massive system featuring 192 nodes connected by the HPE Slingshot Interconnect. Each node contains one optimized 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ CPU and four AMD Instinct™ MI250x accelerators.

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