Fifty years of Cray supercomputers in 2022

Fifty years of Cray supercomputers was celebrated with a virtual tour hosted by TNMOC in UK on 6th April 2022

This virtual talk explored the physical and logical structure of Cray-1  SN34, peaking ‘under the covers’ of this remarkable machine. The talk also illuminates how these machines evolved and sample some of what was achieved using Cray supercomputers in the UK.

Video Recording of the talk is available here 

Here is a link to a print of the Powerpoint slides. Contact us if you want a copy of the .ppt with speaker notes.

Support the site and check out the other historical machines on display.

The National Museum of Computing link


Other celebrations of 50 Years of Cray Research were held at the Computer Museum of America and Organised locally in Chippewa Falls



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