Archer 2 now fastest computer in Europe at EPCC

EPCC have announced the commissioning into production of Archer-2 with a visit form the prime minister.

UK’s most powerful supercomputer on show for Prime Minister

14 February 2022

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has visited the UK’s newest and most powerful supercomputer ARCHER2 during a tour of the University’s world-class data centre facilities.

The cutting-edge system – which is around 12 times more powerful than its predecessor – is hosted by EPCC, the University’s supercomputing centre.

During the visit Mr Johnson was shown how ARCHER2 – which is the fastest computer in the UK and the second largest of its kind in Europe – is modelling in detail how medicines interact with cells, is revealing how the northern Atlantic sea ice is responding to climate change, and is supporting Rolls Royce in developing more efficient aircraft engines.

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Boris Johnson visiting Archer 2 at EPCC



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