Cray-1 Simulators via HASE and Electronics

The HASE Cray-1 Simulation Model is available here 

“Simulation models of a variety of computer architectures and architectural components have been created using HASE, a Hierarchical Computer Architecture design and Simulation Environment. These models are intended for use as teaching and learning resources: in lectures, for student self-learning or for virtual laboratory experiments.

Using the models requires use of HASE itself. The latest version of HASE is available for Linux, MAC OSX and Windows and can be downloaded from the Downloading, Installing and Using HASE web page.

Each model has its own supporting website describing the system being modelled as well as the model itself. The source files for each model can be downloaded from the relevant website as a file. These files provide the input to HASE which has options to load a project, to compile a simulation executable and to run the simulation. Running a simulation produces a trace file which can be used to animate the on-screen display of the model so as to show data movements, parameter value updates, state changes, etc.”

Provided by Institute for Computing Systems Architecture (ICSA) School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

HASE Cray-1 Simulation Model Manual

EDITOR: I saw mention of the simulator and have visited the site in Jan 2023 but have not yet tried out the simulator. As a multi architect simulator there is some Java software to install before progressing to the architecture of choice.


See also Homebrew Cray-1 project  here that simulates Cray-1 hardware in hardware.

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