August 2021

T90 & C90 mini movies and T3D videos

This collection of movies was distributed on a sales related CD and demonstrated some of the tasks that T90s and other Cray supercomputer systems performed. These are in format and are of low resolution which was normal for the time. Enjoy.   Mini movie Bucket or T90 and C90 Mini movies  Note: You may …

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Cray Floating point numbers

The representation of floating point numbers and the “accuracy”, repeatability and reversibility of arithmetic operations has long be a topic of discussion amongst Cray customer and scientific users. The Cray machines up to the C90 range used 64 bit Cray floating point arithmetic. When representing the long smooth curve of real numbers using digital bits …

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Cray System Service snapshots 1989 and 1996 with remote support information.

When you pay a few million $£€ for a supercomputer you expect great service. Here are a couple of service snapshots:   An article about the introduction of the on-site module tester for XMP boards. From Volume 6 No 1 – Jan/Feb 1986 of Cray Interface The on site testing and repair procedures are described …

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Links to Videos of Interest

A few links to videos of interest to Cray-History visitors. Most of these are created by the Computer History Museum. What’s All This About Gallium Arsenide?, lecture by Seymour Cray at Super computing 1988 includes industry history. The CRAY T3D Massively Parallel Processing System, lecture by Stephen Nelson and Steven Oberlin Cray Research – A …

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Unicos and other operating systems

Unicos is the operating system(s) that enabled application software and users to exploit Cray hardware.  Unicos provided a Unix based envrionment with many extensions needed for systems with multiple users and a complex workloads. Unicos provided added security, resource control, programming languages, data management features as well as processing accounting. Unicos versions (from Wikipedia) Cray …

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Cray Software Applications

Cray Research focused on hardware but also made system and application software. Customers like to buy “a solution to a problem” and are rarely fussed by the actual technology used to deliver that solution. Alongside the need for developing language and systems software unique to the special Cray Hardware application software was developed. By having …

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Les Davis

Lester ‘T’ Les David was a senior engineer at Cray Research. As an early employee he worked closely with Seymour Cray both at CDC and on the first Cray systems.  A much liked and effective character that was very diligent in completing and shipping working products to customers whist supporting other engineers. Read more in …

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EL and C90 Poster Centerfolds

These two posters appeared side by side in Cray Channels V13_N4 as centre folds. Also distributed as wall posters. These two machines, at the opposite ends of the Cray performance spectrum, nevertheless less ran the same UNICOS operating systems and compiler environments. The EL often appeared at larger Cray sites acting as a software development …

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We would be very grateful If you have missing information or contributions / suggestions / stories or pictures for the site. Contact US Please Post an update on this page or email to – Add XMP to Email subject line to avoid the spam traps. Acknowledgments This site contains the work and effort compiled from …

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