Excellent write up on Cray Corporate history


Charlie Clark came across this very clear and detailed write up of Cray Corporate history over on Encylopidia.com

Cray Inc. is one of the world’s premier producers of super-computers, a term rather loosely used to denote the fastest computers at any give time. The company’s high-performance supercomputers, which are capable of performing billions of operations per second, are used by governmental agencies for classified and nonclassified applications, by governmental and academic research laboratories for scientific research, by weather centers for forecasting, and in the automotive and aerospace industries for vehicle design. Its product line includes both vector and massively parallel supercomputers. Now based in Seattle, Cray has its main manufacturing operations in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and also maintains offices in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, and Burnaby, British Columbia, for software and hardware development, sales, and marketing operations. Although as a legal entity, the Cray of the early 21st century was founded in 1987 as Tera Computer Company, the company traces its earliest roots back to Cray Research, founded in 1972. A pioneer in vector supercomputing, Cray Research was acquired by Silicon Graphics, Inc. in early 1996 and then was acquired in April 2000 by Tera Computer. Following the deal, Tera renamed itself Cray Inc.

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Readable and Downloadable here ……  Cray Inc. History from Encyclopedia dot com

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