Cray-1 and Cray-2 DataTable

This table is drawn from a number of sometimes incomplete sources. If you have a minor comment on the information in this table, send an email to, and add XMP to to the email subject line to avoid the spam traps. If you have many comments, we suggest that you download the table as a spreadsheet, make the corrections, and send the sheet as described above.

The data in this table is held in a Google Sheet, and so is liable to change. Only a small number of people can change the Google Sheet.

The sheet has sections as follows:

  • Known Cray-1 Machines,
  • Possible location of Past Cray-1 systems for which the Serial number is not known ( may be duplicates of others on list )
  • Known Cray-1M machines
  • Known Cray-2 machines

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